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Submitted by Priviledge Cheteni on
First of all l would like to thank the World Bank for such a good platform in discussing issues faced by women in BioFuels.l am doing a Biogas Project in Alice South Africa and as l started the project l saw it vital that women can actual do what was termed men`s job.The person who supervises my site is a lady to begin with she is a civil engineer,the person enganging the village in teaching them how to use Biogas are two ladies communications experts ,then when it comes to dirty work the digging and building of the digester are men.However,if the digester start to produce gas the person to manage and monitor every thing in the digester would be a lady.At the end of the day l think women ought to be given a chance where they would contribute immensely in the Biofuels field.We have a lot of different proffessions that ladies are doing which can actual helps in accommodating them in every Biofuels clinatic change initiatives.So the big issue is to just let them be involved in the process and as time goes by they can sustain themselves with the knowledge they get.Women can start entreprenuer ventures in any Biofuels and make good use of the ecosystem as long as we give them the opportunity to be involved.