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Submitted by Hari Gadde on
Dear Dan, Very interesting article. In spite of several reports and studies confirming what is needed for rapid deployment and scale up of clean technologies, the progress made so far is very limited. As our publication rightly identified, establishing good legal and regulatory framework is kind of a pre-requisite before introducing any RE policy, but it is not clear to me what is needed (or missing) to establish such requirements. Also, it seems, based on my review of China situation, the quota setting mechanism is discouraging private sector participation in countries where state owned utilities are main participants. Any ideas on how to deal with such situations? As you rightly pointed out in the end, the synergies between RE and EE is vital but how do we ensure that cost-economics are in the same order for implementing/scale-up both measures as most of EE measures are low-hangling fruits? Regards Hari Gadde Carbon Finance Unit