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Submitted by Erick Fernandes on
Great blog, Dan! Thanks for sharing. Ensuring that local communities benefit from energy, infrastructure, and conservation programs will be key to successful outcomes. Far too often, unfortunately, one drives through 'dark villages and towns' for a radius of hundreds of miles next to mega energy projects! The recent flap in a nearby country (!) re local people being forcibly evicted from their tribal lands for a new national park also flags the importance of early, local participation in project conception and design and especially in project benefits (local employment, sustaining local languages, culture, art, traditional knowledge in local schools.) Given expected changes (+/-) to hydrological flows from climate change, it will also be important to ensure that local communities are aware of likely changes to future flows when situating projects, settlements (often attracted to areas where projects are being implemented), and for future agricultural (food security) resilience. The potential for multipurpose energy investments to also facilitate local irrigation could greatly contribute to future food security in the face of increasing climate extremes. Exciting times in southern Sudan and wish them all the very best of success in the future!