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Submitted by Daniel on
Given the already considerable demands on the Nile, and the high sun intensity and large number of sunny days would something like the GemSolar Concentrated Solar Power array with storage providing close to 20MW around the clock not be of interest in South Sudan's case? Of course it is expensive technolgy but given the lack of transmission lines, such a system of generation involving maybe 3 or 4 or so of smaller decentralized plants could make sense. They could be operated regionally (a bit like the old US energy cooperatives) so as to avoid to have to pull wires clear accross this relatively vast country. Plus it could be a testing site for large firms that are interested in refining the technolgy but often do not find the land to do so. The ability to store the energy produced in this plant for 15 hours makes it also quite functional providing energy to consumers at night as well.