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Submitted by Saad Alrayes on
Excellent note on flaring in Iraq and you have captured the main points encouraging flaring. The main obstacle is that the concessioned oil companies or producers are not compensated to the recover gas, but even if they were, there concession will be way less than their cut in oil production so the economic sense would be to continue to flare! The solution is to have a government law that prohibits flaring, except to prevent venting, coupled with gas production compensation to actually build the facilities to capture this associated gas. This will force the oil companies/field operators to consider the arrangement when bedding for the fields and actually have the gas capturing apparatus in pace when producing oil. There is a program that will capture this gas in Iraq, which will be used mostly for electricity generation and I believe that the parliament has approved it or in the process of approving it and the contracts are being finalized with the oil companies. I think the WB along with GGFR can help with the proper setup of these contracts/arrangements to achieve zero flaring.