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Submitted by Michel Del Buono on
Excellent piece by Lesnick. I am working on Iraq energy sector and am pleased to learn that Iraq has joined the GGFR partnership, which I was proposing in a paper I am currently drafting for the UN. It should be noted that most of the major IOCs currently operating in Iraq are already members of the GGFR partnership. However, with the benefit of (a long) hindsight, I recall the Bank once financing gas flaring projects, as the venting of methane is much more harmful than the CO2 it becomes after flaring. Well, according to OPEC figures, Iraq shows a "shrinkage" of associated natural gas produced almost equivalent to the quantity it flares. I believe that problem also has urgency but is not currently being addressed by anybody. Of course, natural gas should become the fuel of choice for Iraq's electric power generation system. But therein lies another tale.