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Submitted by Kristina Summanen on
I agree with your comments on the need to expand access to energy in Africa. There's a huge lack of energy in Africa, which causes detrimental impacts on economic growth and the quality of people’s lives. The poorest rarely have access to modern energy services to improve their lives. And as you were saying the problem isn't just the lack of access but also that energy generation isn't keeping up with demand. At the same time Africa is endowed with so many energy resources in renewable energy sources and fossil fuels. But much more funds are needed to tackle energy poverty. With regards to renewables, so far Africa has not received a great deal of climate financing. It’s important to ensure that in the future Africa benefits more from climate financing. The African Development Bank is currently consulting on its new energy strategy, . Improving access to energy is a key focus area of the new strategy. The tools we are looking at to tackle this issue include leveraging more funds, encouraging public private partnerships, and fostering regional cooperation and energy trading.