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It is good to hear that awards are being initiated by various organizations worldwide in pursuit of encouragement of clean Energy.The main draw backs in failure of such awards to bring out real potential technologies/ inventions are 1.Format of questionaires 2.Emerging technologies are not given weightage 3.Country bound seeking and not global 4.Lack of interactions with applicants[more of a mechanixal routine]to assess reality of development 5.Poor financial support to competitors towards working model development 6.Individuals Vs Corporates 7.Intellectual property issues 8.Jury limitations and lack of professionalism. 9.The commercial cream blocking the early stage technologies. 10.No look outs for new concepts[keep treading repeatedly into solar,wind,biomass,Tidal,waves,fuel cells,hydrogen fuel,Geo thermal,OTEC etc] If the above said views are incorporated the quality of outcome can enhance potentials to come out. The ultimate criteria for a sustainable clean energy solution are- 1.Zero heat, zero carbon energy, 2.Base & peak load capabilities]3]Retro fittability into existing systems 3.Simplicity,Cost effectiveness, applicability to all geographies, 4.Reliability, renewability, long term value. etc. The real fact is that IMPACT PRONE SUSTAINABLE ENERGY SOLUTIONS ARE YET TO BE EVOLVED.Only speculations are dominating clean investment options. N.B:The views are meant in general and not to any awards mentioned in the blog. Prof. Subramaniam Udhayamarthandan India