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Submitted by Kirtan Sahoo on
Glad that you see the potential to replicate similar model in Kenya. I will be happy to provide you more details on the technology. A very good start would be to look at the Nepal BSP Website (, that provides much of the technical information. You can clearly see that depending upon the cattle ownership of the households, the plants can be sized differently. The amount of gas that can be produced, and th number of hours a stove can be used to cook food, for different feed rates (which is linked to cattle ownership), is also mentioned. Lets be in touch on emails. My email id is [email protected] Let me tell you that the technology is pretty simple. Ofcourse technology is important, but in such programs, the program design and implementation including institutional and financial arrangements are even more important. A lot can be learnt from Nepal that has pursued this program with lots of passion and dedication. Lets be in touch. Kirtan