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The land coverage use & sustainable advanced mass cultivation approach could solve tne draw backs of independent farmers suffering for resources. In that context, agriculture industry can be declared as an organized industry taking care of Shelter, employment & other essentials of the farmer communities just like any other organized industries. Possession of large areas of lands by individuals & struggling to manage with less inclined labour in agriculture is an obvious universal problem. Rather lands can be rented to the government cultivation support for renewable terms so that the owner of the land never loses his rights. Other major provision is the provision of fresh water by successful implementation of rain water harvesting & storage programs for a country without letting water to sea. Present water flow systems are gravity flow based & the reservoirs are confined to below land level resevoirs like lakes, ponds, Dams etc.This draw back can be solved by above land walled storage reservoirs built to pump up surplus water during rain/ flood seasons & supply to remote uphead lands. Nature has given all potentials to mankind to resolve problems in their long term life. Just apart from our fore fathers' lessons & examples the present & future generations sholud take up to lateral thinking & brain storming to face & over come our challenges.Efforts & open mindedness never decieve the aspirants. Prof. Subramaniam Udhayamarthandan Clean Planet Technology Initiatives for Sustainable Development India