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Submitted by Jon M on
We have created a solar powered LED light that runs for 6-7 hours after a day of charging. We want to get this out to the masses. Please check out the link for the light being used in Rwanda. My company is heading up the marketing and branding efforts to get this light into the hands of the millions of people in need of the light after sunset. Please contact me if you can see a way to help get this into the arms of those that need it most in education, medicine, utility work, repairs, military, or wherever the need is. We have also developed a DC LED lighting kit that can be used in any environment using solar to charge and LED lights that we manufacture to provide steady and long term light to those in need. These will be available for less than $500 per kit anywhere in the world. We are also working with several waste to energy companies that have proven technologies to bring these innovations to remove the trash from society and develop energy with it. We are rolling these efforts out now and can always use help in doing so. Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you. I can send some additional cut sheets on the kits or Africa Lights as required. Sincerely, Jon M. Gruett CEO Solar, Wind and Lights, LLC [email protected] 01-360-326-5499