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Benoît Bosquet, The report of Yala meeting sounds positive on the initiative action of REDD program to reach the island countries. We at Clean Planet Technology Initiatives for Sustainable Development have worked out technology solutions to improve REDD goals in islands.The fundamental issues to be solved are- 1] provision of fresh water resources by way of rain water harvesting systems on land as well as on sea harvesting & storage systems,2] Fire wood abatement for burning domestic & industrial uses which can be substituted by electricity3]Provision of safer & energy efficient homes by electricity & Sustainable Resources utilization& Means of electricity production without burning any matter. We could work out & technologically support island countries by way of clearance of the above said areas based upon the interests & collective inclination of island nations. Technologies play vital role in successful implementations just next to funds deployments. Prof. Subramaiam Udhayamarthandan India