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Submitted by Todd Foret on
Dan, Your report is fantastic and should be an eye opener to everyone. People are constantly talking about Peak Oil. What about Peak Trash? When is "enough is enough." Our company is in discussion with 2 Indian companies for providing Containerized Plasma Systems for for treating both wastewater and solid waste together. See our website: Our biggest concern is financing the Individual Modular PlasmaWhirl Systems. Each system will handle a population of about 18,000 people. We also developed and are in the commercialization of a much smaller system for universities and home owners. In lieu of putting trash on the street you simply place the trash in our Hydro2Home System for generating hot water + hydrogen. Hopefully we can get the right people involved for India. I am drafting a Presentation "Into the Dark" with respect to the 1.2 billion people that do not have access to electricity and clean safe drinking water. Sincerely, Todd L. Foret Foret Plasma Labs, LLC Houston, Texas