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Submitted by Akriti Rana on

Dear Mr. Treguer,

This is a very informative blog on climate smart agriculture. I recently moved from Cambodia, so this blog hits close to home. I believe that an effective private sector engagement in climate hazard adaptation will catalyze greater investment in vulnerability reduction, and result in climate –technologies and services.

Upon my return from Cambodia, I wrote a paper where I assessed the role of private sector by using the case study of Cambodia to learn specific lessons for increasing the resilience of food systems in the developing world. In order to develop a sustainable and lasting impact, it is imperative that both market actors and private actors should be involved in the addressing new challenges of vulnerable food systems.
Cambodia, along with other developing nations, has very high stakes in achieving food security and sustainable agriculture. Cambodia’s food system transformation process would accelerate with a combination of strong food system policies and reforms that support small holder agriculture, increased investment in agricultural research and development, specifically for technology-driven agribusiness and access to finance, which then would also support nutritional diversity.

I look forward to reading more pieces from you.

Best Regards,