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I have neighbors in the PES project. My farm is too little to consider serious reforestation but is planted to over 170 species of fruits, nuts, spices - a moneymaking alternative in intensive sustainable land use to offset extensive (mostly cattle ranching) use. We are testing some totally unknown promising species (like the potato chip nut tree...) But Costa Rica's unrealistic goal of Carbon Neutral 2021 is endangered by increasing use of petroleum fuels in transport, accounting for I believe 70% of fuel imports. We have our own relevant project at (search Electric Car to Change the World) but so far have been ignored by the CR government and the public also. In fact there is NO legal means to even register cars built in Costa Rica, even electric ones, which makes it an uphill battle, which it should NOT be if the goal is serious! While it sounds great Carbon Neutral 2021 remains a joke here,as more and more used cars are imported every year, increasing as I recall 700% in the past 20 years with no end in sight.