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This will be a very interesting WDR! Anxious to read it, very willing to contribute.

In The Netherlands we have tried to increase a sense of urgency without an actual disaster happening. The Dutch "Delta Plan" is inspiring and interesting to learn from I think.

I am currently involved in a number of (what we call "delta") projects in The Netherlands, among others introducing a new (innovative) CBA methodology to choose / decide on (a wide range of) adaptation measures in Rotterdam. But also in Jakarta and Ho Chi Minh City we have been working on strategies and measures to deal with increasing flood risks. Not so much technical, but (as a Public Administration expert, I am more) focusing on the political economy and institutional aspects.

The coming weeks I will be working on the resiliency of New York. Actually also visiting Washington DC (between 2 and 6 September).
If you are looking for some other great examples of cities' and countries' efforts to improve enforcement of spatial planning, strengthening cooperation between sectoral institutions and the search for new funding & financing arrangements to adapt cities to increasing flood risks... please let me know.