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Submitted by Miguel Deleon on

My name is Miguel and I am from the island of Guanaja which is part of the Bay Islands of Honduras. I am looking for any information or assistance on how I can get our island locals to understand that their home needs to be protected before it is too late.

Long story short, our island did without land motor vehicles for generations and only in the past couple of decades have they been introduced to the island. The island currently only has one paved road which is about 4 kilometers. Unfortunately, the economic situation has started to weigh on the locals and see cars, roads and a cruise ship port as their only options for more tourists. In the past few months I've begun a petition to go "car-free" before we get to the point of no return. I created the following website (still trying to figure how to best leverage it) to not only show who we are as a people but why we need to protect the island we call home. The sad part is that the locals (a minority) have seen my efforts as being against "progress". I am hoping that your group can help me in the best way to educate my people and provide options of maybe getting groups to visit and hold lectures. Maybe hearing it from "tourists" that they so heavily covet and organizations, like yours, might do the trick. Thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing back from you.

Here is the website:

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