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  • Reply to: The challenge to be climate smart with the world’s agriculture   1 week 5 days ago

    Very good and Very Informative Article. I belong to a farmer family from India. I've my own experience that farmer should use natural fertilizer which increases the crops/agricultural produce. Due to use of chemical fertilizer our land is become barren and also crops are become poisonous which effects our health. For making natural fertilizer peoples should use Animal feces which helps in increasing crop production per acre.
    Is there any substitute of paddy for the formers those who are habituated to this.

  • Reply to: Your air conditioner is making you cooler, and the world warmer. We can change that.   2 weeks 5 days ago

    Thanks Karin for informing the reality of Air Conditioner. This really harmful to our environment. Global warming is not now a local issue but it becomes not a world issue. Every person of the world has to support on this issue. I personally boycott Air conditioner. I am using tower fans in my room. They are more energy efficient than the air conditioner. It really very hard to avoid
    Air conditioner but we can't underestimate the bad effects of this machine.

  • Reply to: Hydropower in Vietnam: The right way to do it   2 weeks 6 days ago

    Trung Son Hydro Project is an live example of sustainable development. Apart from providing better life to the local people and fulfilling the clean energy needs of the nation, the infrastructure of the region like road connectivity, communication, general economy of the areas must have been improved a lot. Hydropower development brings lot of infrastructural and economic developments to the region. It is a proved tool and a carrier of developments of the nation.

  • Reply to: Bringing better biodigesters and clean energy to Africa   3 weeks 1 day ago
    Thank you for your inquiry. These specific biodigesters supported as part of the carbon finance operation are manufactured and sold by SimGas BV and their subsidiaries (, so you may want to contact them directly for details about global sales.
  • Reply to: The challenge to be climate smart with the world’s agriculture   3 weeks 2 days ago

    yes! this article is great. we have to ensure that agriculture is sustainable as a way to reduce hunger.
    can these resistant seeds work in all countries? my worry. demonstration farms must be established to ensure what product can do well.
    recall in some countries already, fertilesed trees are being encourage to be plantes in farms and other crops cultivated in them.