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Submitted by Netsai on

I am an agribusiness specialist currently doing consultancy work with SNV Netherlands Development Organisation in Lusaka, Zambia. This is an interesting and very important topic especially to our rural farmers who may not have adequate access to this information. It is our duty to make them aware of the impact that some agricultural practices have on the climate. Funding has been done on most Agricultural projecst but one thing I have realized is that the projects are not yielding the desirable results as we would want. In my opinion I think this is due to the approaches that we have been using to pass on the key messages to the farmers. Mostly we have been using the mentoring model which I think is okay but I think coaching the farmers one on one would be ideal as we will get to understand the status quo of the farmers more and get to know which model will best work for them as per status quo. That way I think adoption of these modern smart agricultural methods will be more effective and achieve desirable results.