The rains are late, and there is no grass left...


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The rains are late, and there is no grass left...
   Photo © Julia Bucknall/World Bank

In our culture, we need nine cattle in order to get married. I have worked hard and now have my nine cattle. One of them is a bull. I am planning to get married in February with a big celebration.

But this year, the rains have come so late, and there is no grass left. We are trucking the cattle to other places where we think the grass is better, but there won't be enough grass for everyone.

For the first time, the Ewaso Nyiro River has stopped flowing. There are more people living upstream now, and global warming is affecting the glacier on Mount Kenya.

I am afraid I will have to sell some of my cattle at a very low price or that some will die. If that happens, I don't know what I will do about my wedding.


Sam Stanyaki

Masai tribesman, Kenya

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September 21, 2009

It pains me to read this ,
You seem to be a young Indian, and these type of situations may Happen frequently due to climate changes.

Please safeguard by using advanced techniques eg drip irrigation.

Bindas Yadav
September 21, 2009

The drought in India espacially in UP, is so bad that in this year we can't have single kg of rice in comparison to last year.

evans omondi oduor
October 01, 2009

its an honor to be involved in mitigation processes,it irritates me to see such kind of human caused tragedy, it also motivates me so to see fellow men and women taking this issue to heart and i believe the targets are achievable if we acts together differently and now!! lets do this for the sake of our future and humanity.