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Update from Waso Village, Kenya

Sam Stanyaki's picture

Last week , I had nine cattle.

But two of my cattle have died since then, and four are close to death. I cannot replace my loss with cattle from my father as four of his cattle have died too. 

I am not sure what I am going to do.

  Another Masai cattle owner. Photo © Ann Phillips














Submitted by gilberto rincon caro on
HOLA, sam, te saludo sede Barranquilla, colombia, te exhorto a que continues con tu esfuerzo, tu dedicacion y valentia. No desmayes pues a ti como a muchos somos una generacion de transicion, quiero decir con esto, que nos toco salir de una era de abundancia a una era de escasez y de dificultades pues la generaciones antiguas y la moderna principalmente, andan en un afan de consumismo y vanidad desmedido, que no importa el legado de pobreza y desastres que entragarn a generaciones futuras. animate con tu 6 vacas o ganados, nose como le llaman por alla, el asunto es que tu proyecto de vida no debe claudicar asi, pues no seria un buen mensaje para tu familia y tu sociedad. gilberto

Submitted by Anonymous on
Thank you for posting your update from Waso Village. I am very sorry to hear about the death of your two cattle and that four others are not doing well. Can you truck them some where else? Or is it not worth it and you will just go ahead and sell them? (what's the current price vs the usual price for cattle?)

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