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Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala at UN Security Council Debate on Peacebuilding

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Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Managing Director of the World Bank, spoke during a day-long debate on post-conflict peacebuilding at the UN Security Council.  Referring to research for the upcoming World Development Report on ‘Conflict, Security, and Development’ she said that no fragile state had yet achieved a single Millennium Development Goal.  She added while violent conflict was one of the most profound development challenges, focusing on peacebuilding alone was insufficient. True development in conflict-affected countries was only possible through recognizing the importance of country context, working in true partnership, and be fully accountable.

To read her full speech click here.

Meeting the ‘Conflict Community’

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The World Bank’s upcoming World Development Report on Conflict, Security and Development is an opportunity to reflect on lessons from experience in preventing and resolving conflict. For me personally it is also an opportunity to work with people I have come to respect a great deal—in government, civil society, international institutions and academia.

We have just completed a first round of brainstorming meetings—with our Advisory Council, with researchers who work on conflict, and with reformers from governments and civil society who are fighting to overcome the legacy of conflict or combat conflict risks in their countries right now.

I had a concern when I took on this project that we would end up producing yet another bureaucratic report and holding a lot of meetings on a crucial issue without delivering any action. Our first brainstorming sessions helped me to see that there is a huge demand for a process which brings real action on conflict and development.