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Submitted by Holly Benner on
Dear Mr. Paudyal, Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to the WDR blog. I am a member of the WDR core team and, having returned recently from a WDR consultation in Nepal, wanted to respond to your very important point. It is often challenging to collect reliable information in countries experiencing or recovering from conflict -- data coverage is often spotty, polling and perception data lacking, and opinions strong but diverse. The WDR team is doing its best to collect information from a variety of sources and perspectives, including from political scientists, economists, and practitioners. For our over 25 case studies, we have commissioned long-time experts on the country or region. Several cases involve in-country travel and consultations which provide an opportunity for the WDR team to ‘field test’ evolving WDR thinking and recommendations. In Nepal, we met with a wide range of stake holders -- from government officials (including the Minister for Peace and Reconstruction) to nongovernmental representatives, journalists, academics, and political party leaders. We also have a well-known Nepali expert - Deepak Thapa - authoring our study. We hope this approach will help us in developing a story-line for the WDR that accurately reflects on the ground realities. You can read about our Nepal trip on Nigel Robert's blog: Thank you for your interest and we hope you continue to follow our work, Holly