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Submitted by VEDiCarlo on
What an exciting project to be involved in-- this council is both necessary and timely given that proposed conflict remedies are largely "Western," such as in Afghanistan, yet in order for resolutions to be successful they necessarily need to be based in culturally relative terms. Hopefully the council will take advantage of failed examples of imposed conflict resolution mechanisms and recognize the value of supporting community based approaches to build systems with viable longevity. As a dispute resolution student, I firmly believe that foundational to any sustainable resolution to conflict, especially in intractable conflicts, is the need to meet basic human needs (as proposed by John Paul Lederach). Looking at the issues cited in your second and third bullet points, there is a common theme that the black market and illicit economies are unresponsive to the attempted establishment of norms at the policy level. This is because disengaged youth, disgruntled extremists, organized gangsters, and those participating in and facilitating human trafficking are largely doing so out of a lack of alternative economic possibilities. While this does not even begin to scratch the surface of the causes behind persistent violence, keeping the role of basic human needs at the forefront of conflict resolution discussions drastically shapes who should be involved in the discussion, whose interests are at stake, and the deep need for localized approaches based on individual communities' needs. I look forward to hearing more about your work with this project! Not only is it extremely interesting, but absolutely necessary.