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Do you have a big idea that can help address Conflict and Fragility?

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Call for Proposals - Feb. 15 – March 2

Soliciting Innovative Approaches and Research to be presented during the Conflict and Fragility Week in Cape Town, South Africa, April 12-15, 2010

Necessity is the mother of invention. Many times, people living and working under the most difficult and challenging conditions, with minimal tools and capacity, have come up with creative and even innovative solutions to the enormous challenges they face. Organizations and researchers around the world have been equally creative working with communities living in situations of fragility and conflict to find solutions to ensure delivery of basic services, improve governance and create jobs.

Innovation Fair: Moving beyond Conflict
This Innovation Fair, organized by the World Bank Group, is seeking to identify such high-impact approaches to working in fragile and conflict-affected states in order to share and, if possible, scale them up. The Fair will convene international experts on conflict and fragility, development researchers and practitioners, software developers, donors and private sector to exchange experience, establish new collaboration, and forge longer-term partnerships.

Areas of Interest: Development practitioners are invited to submit their proposals on innovative solutions and models that have been tested and have potential for scale up. Researchers are encouraged to submit research concepts and proposals which have the potential to provide more effective responses to situations of fragility and conflict.

  • Communications for Governance and Service Delivery: Fragility is often associated with the lack of institutional capacity to deliver basic services, and often with low transparency between citizens and states. Proposals should feature innovation that utilize traditional and cutting-edge technologies and communication tools for improving service delivery or improving citizen-state relationships through enhanced transparency and accountability.
  • Conflict and Violence Prevention: Long-term development is often seen as a lasting route to peace and security. Proposals should present practical solutions in the short run to address causes of conflict and violence involving youth or taking on multi-country approaches to sources of violence. 

Why apply?
All proposals will be reviewed, and at least 30 applicants will receive a travel grant to take part in the Fair. Additionally, all selected projects will be posted on the World Bank Institute website and reviewed by an expert team. Some projects will be eligible for funding and technical assistance.

Online proposals will be accepted from February 15 – March 2 2010. The link for submissions will be posted on the Development Marketplace blog.

Please share this information with others who might be interested in applying.
For any questions, please contact us at

The “Conflict and Fragility Week” is sponsored by the World Bank Group to foster engagement and dialogue around issues of fragility and conflict. In addition to the Innovation Fair and a Barcamp, the week will include seminars and consultations on the World Development Report (WDR) 2011: Conflict, Security and Development.


Submitted by Anonymous on
This piece and others are mentioned in the D3 blog of Robert Swope. To read it, visit Thanks for your brilliant work!

Submitted by Anonymous on
Solution for Conflict and Violence Prevention: Promote Agnosticism, Environmental Awareness, Scientific temper & Art.

The Iraq Study Group Report of May 2006 stated: “There are proposals to redistribute a portion of oil revenues directly to the population on a per capita basis. These proposals have the potential to give all Iraqi citizens a stake in the nation’s chief natural resource, but it would take time to develop a fair distribution system.... There is no institution in Iraq at present that could properly implement such a distribution system. It would take substantial time to establish, and would have to be based on a well-developed state census and income tax system, which Iraq currently lacks.” And I wonder if it is not exactly for this type of challenges that we have in the World Bank a “knowledge bank”? We all know that if there was a real will, a system to do exactly that could be designed and put in place quite expeditiously. Is there any way of designing a portable system that could be used to credibly and speedily disburse cash or any other sort of purchasing capacity to a large number of people in an emergency situation? I believe that could be a truly useful tool in conflict situations in fragile states.

Submitted by Hilongos on
There is no institution in Iraq at present that could properly implement such a distribution system. It would take substantial time to establish, and would have to be based on a well-developed state census and income tax system, which Iraq currently lacks.” <<< is quite convincing... ___________________

Great job here. I really enjoyed what you had to say. Keep going because you definitely bring a new voice to this subject. Not many people would say what you’ve said and still make it interesting. Well, at least I’m interested.

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