Introducing a video blog series on tackling fragility, conflict, and violence in Africa


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More than 300 million people in Africa live in countries affected by fragility, conflict, and violence (FCV). Half of the 36 countries on the World Bank’s Harmonized List of Fragile Situations are in Africa. In West Africa, in particular, a surge in conflict since 2010 has sparked concerns.

For example, conflicts occurred in Mali, northeast Nigeria, and in the Lake Chad Basin despite the subregion registering some of the most impressive growth rates seen on the continent in years. Addressing the FCV drivers in Africa, including low governance indicators, marginalization, social exclusion, urbanization, and land disputes, will be indispensable for long-term inclusive development in the region.
To help foster strategic discussions on FCV challenges that slow development in Africa, particularly in West Africa, World Bank Africa’s Social Development team has created a Social Development FCV Knowledge Cluster. The group will share their knowledge and experience in a new video blog series, “Social Development - Tackling Fragility, Conflict, and Violence in Africa.”
In this kick-off vlog, World Bank Practice Manager Aly Rahim and Junior Professional Officer Johanna Damboeck provide an overview of FCV drivers and discuss possible solutions to current and future challenges in Africa.
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Johanna Damboeck

Junior Professional Officer / Social Development, West Africa

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