Addressing inequality through shared prosperity: Guest video blog


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One of the great opportunities of the Global Futures initiative is to help spread some of the big ideas about development and to make them more accessible to a global audience. Given our privileged access to some of the world's biggest thinkers on these issues - namely, World Bank President Jim Kim and Vice-President and Chief Economist Kaushik Basu - I saw an opportunity to translate key points from their lectures into animated visuals.

My aspiration is that these visuals help people better understand and process some of these big ideas, such as inequality and pandemic response, and stimulate people's interest in learning more about the topics. While I am not a trained animator, I found the process of thinking how to visualize knowledge extremely useful in deepening my own understanding of the topics! 
Kaushik Basu discusses why inequality matters
In the second lecture of the Global Futures speaker series on development, World Bank Chief Economist Kaushik Basu discusses why inequality matters and how it is being addressed through the World Bank's approach of looking at "shared prosperity".


Manny Fassihi

Graduate student at Georgetown University

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