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New year’s resolutions

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  1. Travel no more than once per month.
  2. Despite number one above, participate in a World Bank mission to see how it really works.
  3. Despite numbers one and two above, get to Africa. It is a shame I have not been there yet.
  4. Master the WBG (World Bank Group) acronyms.
  5. Attend at least one seminar per week.
  6. Dedicate one day per week to research.
  7. Explain to the world why the global growth projections of the WB and IMF sometimes differ.
  8. Despite all of the above, continue to get my eight hours a night of sleep.


Submitted by Rick Marriner on

I liked your resolutions, thanks for sharing. I'd be interested in learning more about #7 and am adding my own version of #6 to my own list. Thanks ~ Rick

Submitted by Owen Molloy on

Hi Pinelopi,
Could you respond to this article by Gizmodo that was posted on Thursday?

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