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Bravo! Thank you for courageously covering new, but vital territory for development.

In examining similar brain science issues related to climate change I've seen that the critical issue to dealing with climate change isn't climate science- it's brain science. The brain responds to fearful stimuli with a limited range of behavior patterns: run, hide, blame, attack, freeze. We see exactly these patterns with regards to dealing with climate--responding to fear inducing stimuli like "An inconvenient Truth".

On the other hand, the MDGs triggered action by providing an inspiring target, decorated with pictures of healthy children. In the 15 years that the MDGs created enormous, even unimaginable results, the climate campaigns yielded results that brain science would predict: run, hide, blame, attack, and freeze.

Please make sure that the WB climate people can see this. At the Citizens Climate Lobby we're creating a campaign for "A healthy climate by 2070", in part modeled from the MDGs