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Submitted by Chris Williams on

It is very good to hear about WDR 2018 and its aims. One particular area of education that is urgent is for refugees and migrants who are fleeing war-torn countries, such as Syria. Their lack of knowledge of the social system they may be entering, apart from language skills and appropriate employment needs, creates the dangers most recently seen in Germany. Creating learning facilities in suitable places, prior to the eventual placement in very different social conditions, is perhaps the only way to react to anti-immigrant sentiment being expressed in many parts of the world.
There is a group of expert educators who are developing a specific program for refugees, focusing on the three aspects - language, sociology and work skills - including initial training in camps and in colleges ahead of assisting in getting occupational mentoring and support. They are also involved in an incentive program to positively motivate all refugees regarding behavioral aspects before and during training. It would be good to share these experiences with the WDR 2018 team - and to potentially offer early test facilities where appropriate.