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Submitted by Antonina Redko on
Recently I visited Kazakhstan and Moldova and was pleasantly surprised at the great number of ATMs in big cities, and the fact that debit cards are making their way into consumer wallets. (Credit cards are not in wide use, though). But still quite a big difference compared to just five years ago. I looked at the variables in the Findex catalog and the numbers tell the same story. For example, Kazakhstan Findex 2011 dataset shows that 31.3 % of respondents said they have a debit card, and only 8.6 % answered they have a credit card. Making these raw datasets open allows researches and journalists shape their narrative about consumers' financial habits and share these findings either through media outlets or scientific papers. According to DEC press-release, the data will be updated in 2014 and 2017. It will be interesting to study and compare changes in consumer behavior.