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Submitted by Naushad Khan on

The development starts from the family institution. When family institution not produced good quality children how the good raw material come to educationan institutions and how the educational institution supply good and capable students to working economy and how industries will be developed when a capable staff is not present in the industries which is provided by educational institution. How a capaple engineer will be there to produce the elctricity to solve the problem of the electricity loadsheding. If there is no capable staff for agricultural development how we solve the problem of agriculture, if there is no quality politiician how we make a good exucte and good judiciaries and beurucracy. These all come from the educational institution while the educational institution obtained these material from the family institution. Finally it is concluded that only good parent only developed the country. Without good parent the development of a country is impossible. Therefore it is requested to all world to produce good parents and highly focus on good parent because without good parents the development of the world is impossible because good parent give good education to their children and good education only create a positive change in the world