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Submitted by Akabzaa Roland on
Politicians have become very innovative and efficient in the enterprise of vote buying than reducing poverty in Africa. We monitored abuse of incumbency and electoral corruption in Ghana's 2012 general election. We deployed observers nationwide and the findings are interesting. Both incumbent and opposition presidential and parliamentary candidates enaged in blatant vote buying. Development projects sprung up at the last minute; there were last minute installation of streets lights, electricification of villages, construction of roads, markets and hospital - fews days to election. The ruling government and the opposition also distributed gas cylinders, footballs, jerseys, labtops, motor bikes, clothings, etc to people in to get thier votes in the 2012 General Election. These items were distributed between Otober and December 2012, the election was on 7th December 2012. Parliamentary canditates from opposition and incumbent parties distributed motor bikes, satilite dishies, computers, swoing machines,etc to people. They renovated churches, schools and gave cash to people for thier support in the 2012 elections. They also gave free fuel to people (motor riders) when they visit to communities. Ironically, the the tertiary institutions' students were given laptops and cars. While there are serious development challenges confronting Ghana, politician were not providng innovative ways of get people out of poverty; providing employment for the mass of graduates without jobs; improving the poor sanitation, poor supply of electricity and water; and poor education and healthcare delivery but they were rather crafty in buying vote to win Power and not win poverty !!!!