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Submitted by Janmejoy Patnaik on
Brilliant idea yet needs to be institutionalised .The idea of formalizing shared prosperity by promoting rapid growth of per capita income of say poorest 40% is loudable but to attempt this there could be number of ways. Gandhi promoted 'Trusteeship' yet Vinoba's Social reform movement 'Bhoodan ' couldnot be sustained .JRD Tata did adopt the same and institutionalised in the TATA Philosophy and result is last pay drawn as lifelong pension for family members of employees who died during attack on Taj on 26/11.Role of Private Sector is therefore extremely important because of its sustainability .Bill and Melinda Gates only prove the point. There could be number of ways to develop new tools of measurements contemplated by the Bank Janmejoy Patnaik Assistant General Manager HRD,Central Bank of India ,Mumbai,India