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Submitted by Sanjeev Ahluwalia on
"Shared prosperiety" seems to imply simply that growth in wealth is equitably available to all. Adding "sustainable" to the concept could include future generations, which are currently excluded. Further adding "wealth creation" could include the manner in which prosperiety is to be achieved. The result "shared and sustainable wealth creation and prosperiety", whilst resonating better with what we want to do, renders a catchy phrase incomprehensible. A shorter and more pithy form could be "shared growth opportunties". The introduction of the term "growth opportunties" suggests open access but with results however dependent on effort. "shared prosperiety" on the other hand smacks of transfers and hand outs.Of course measring "oportunties" is more difficult that measuring "results" but indicators do exist for universality in access to education, clean water and heath facilities, finance and for the efficiency of government functioning. These measures may provide a more granular story than the dry per capita income number. But are we on the same page wrt the concept?