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Submitted by Anthony Leegwater on
I appreciate your stimulating post, Dr. Basu. In his annual letter, Mr. Gates makes the key point that in order to lead to meaningful progress, goals set at a global level must be linked to careful measurement (supported by tools and technology) at the project or program level. In your post, you discuss the broader goals that the World Bank is pursuing and some of the possible targets to be set for them. The key example here is reducing extreme poverty. I wonder if you would also make the same connection as Mr. Gates. Does the Bank emphasize measurement at the level of specific projects or programs on global goals such as reducing poverty? I ask this in part because of ongoing work at my company on simple and rigorous tools for measuring and tracking poverty at the project level. By providing more precise measurement of this important outcome, such tools could provide feedback to projects and policy-makers and play at least some small part in driving progress along the lines envisioned by Mr. Gates. Anthony Leegwater Abt Associates