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Thanks for these great comments, Georgina. I certainly don’t see UHC as about enriching the medical profession. UHC is about making sure that everyone—whether rich or poor—gets the care they need without suffering undue financial hardship as a result. That includes the various types of preventive care. UHC is also about making sure people get the care they need—in a lot of places, that’s mostly about ensuring people don’t go without the care they need; but in many places (including some middle income countries) it’s also about making sure people don’t end up getting and paying for care they don’t need and can’t afford. As I said in my post “Where in the world is a hospitalization least affordable?”, “UHC reforms also need to devote a lot of attention to putting downward pressure on the overall cost of hospital care.” And as for the point “everyone has coverage” my point was simply that everyone has some coverage, and that the issue is more about some groups having minimal coverage and/or coverage for just a few things. My whole point was that the “universal” bit of UHC doesn’t actually get at the real coverage issues.