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Thanks, Jim. I think quality is a central element to UHC, not an add-on. It’s implied by the requirement that people get the care they need. It’s not about whether people visit a facility. It’s about whether when they do there’s actually someone there to treat them, whether they get diagnosed correctly, and whether they get the correct treatment. As my colleague Nazmul Chaudhury and others have shown in their Journal of Economic Perspectives paper, the first of these often fails to happen—health providers often simply aren’t at their post when the patient shows up. And as my colleague Jishnu Das has shown, the second and third often fail to happen as well—providers do much less than they know, and many know very little. Jishnu’s work (see my post at poses something of a challenge, as it shows the limited informational value of structural indicators of quality and provider knowledge. Look forward to seeing the MNH study, and how it gets round these challenges.