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By highlighting the reality of the difficulties in the diffusion of innovations, Prof KB implicitly highlights the increasing role of (agricultural or medical or...) extension process in different parts of the world in the diffusion of innovations. Prof KB will know that 58% of the total factor productivity in India's green revolution was due to agricultural extension (the famous study by Evenson et al), the highest, even surpassing the role of Genetics and plant breeding which bred new seed varieties of rice and wheat. Unfortunately, the 'gram sevak' or 'village level worker (vlw)' who spearheaded India's green revolution has vanished from the State Department of Agriculture throughout Indian states, since the Governments have abandoned those positions, for the reasons best known to them. I once again suggest Prof Kaushik Basu to impress upon the GOI and the State Governments to bring back this position to enable our farmers and rural people to benefit from the VLWs who played samaritan role in the diffusion of information and innovation. Since the Developmental programs framed by different political parties are increasing to catch the attention of the political economy, and since (agricultural) technologies are also becoming increasingly scientific and intricate, it is desirable to have a Gram Sevak or VLW at least for a group of villages at Panchayath level. Thanks to Prof Basu for his excellent blog.