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Submitted by Prashant A. Bhonsle on
Extremely relevant and well made points indeed! According to me the information asymmetry is as much (actually more as per me) a function of ‘basic design’ flaw of the system as it about barriers of language, culture and trust issues because of bad experiences of past. If the age old belief that no design is ever perfect and always work within the ‘right context’ is correct than is it too simplistic to understand that the context is ever dynamic and the system design will always have to play ‘catching up’ game to be relevant & effective? Classic example is that because of this stale or slow changing design of (either) democracies or/and autocracies, economics have become the heart of the system for most of human beings/countries rather than the values and purpose. In most of the ancient cultures, values, principles and larger purpose formed the core of all structures (societal, political, philosophical or even spiritual). Every decision was squarely based on pre-laid/agreed values and purpose. That singularly drove human development and evolution over thousands of years…till greed started taking over! We need 'Thought leadership' based on strong human values, principles and larger purpose.