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Submitted by Mariette Ered on
First problem: What about the 1 bottom billion who do not have enought to eat? Does this not make UHC less relevant? Really the first priority needs to be ensuring enough food consumed so that millions of people do not become ill from lack of food. Will UHC pay for food for starving and malnourished people? Why not? Because it will only pay doctors and pharma companies? Why is food not covered? No matter how much you scheme to extend, deepen or enhance UHC , even with all imaginable preventive services , as long as this is the main problem: UHC is not really relevant to poverty and health outcomes. Second problem: Why a global target? There is no logical raison d'etre except if you want to have Mutual support among health misnisters in their pursuit of more resources, at the expense of other pressing needs? The main beneficiary of UHC is the doctors and sealth care bureaucrats and pharma companies profits.