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Submitted by Rob Yates on
You are absolutely right Adam, as well as UHC embracing the concepts of effective health care coverage, equity and financial protection, one of its most attractive features is that it is easy to sell. I think Mrs Gauri’s excellent comment captures the popular support for UHC perfectly. I remember my mother telling me similar tales about the UK before political pressure resulted in the launch of the NHS. People worldwide understand the simple idea that people should get the health services they need without suffering financial hardship. More to the point, whilst we debate the merits of different goals, people are specifically demanding UHC from the political leaders. Here are some recent press articles to demonstrate this: New York: Indonesia: “Portland’s Raging Grannies” check out the video!: India: Much as I searched Google, I struggled to find people taking to the streets demanding “an increase in healthy life expectancy” This isn’t to say that the health community should not seek an overarching health outcome goal as well. It’s just that in this political world, with many competing agendas, it would be smart for the health community to pick a goal that is popular with all people and politicians across the globe. More here….