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Submitted by Mary Worth on
At some point the World Bank seems to have adopted the model of a charity. I do not see now UHC is about development. More health , especially for the poor, is about development. But UHC is populism, sorry. There are far better ways to better population health for the poorest and the poor than payng taxpayer money to dysfunctional health centers staffed by overpaid workers with little skills and selling expired counterfiet medication. See please above the posthe lady who first answered, what the common view is of visiting doctors and hospitals. They may make you sicker, you may die. UHC makes sure that these service providers get paid. Service stays same. Patient may die, but they still get paid thanks to the taxpayer. Money could be better spent on nonmedical prevention. Only 3% of prevention is in medical centers, rest is outside or the health sector!!! 97% of DALYs and medical expenses saved is ignored just so the the health care sector, which delivers only 3% of prevention and 100% of services for ill , this sector can grow and prosper and send envoys to WHO conferences in Geneva, to exchange populist speeches with envoys from other countries. The same money that you propose to waste on UHC could buy more (or less , as relevant) of the sanitation, water, public health surveillance, car safety, breathable air, tobacco and alcohol reduction, infectious disease control, prostitution, condoms, breastfeeding, exercise, sugar, nontoxic food, sugary sodas, etc, etc. As long as any public health measure with a rate of return of 20% or more is undone, we should not give a single thought or a single cent to UHC in poor countries tha can ill afford the waste. UHC is populism, not needed for better health status of poor people. And UHC will do nothing for the 1 billion chronically hungry.