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Submitted by Rob Yates on
It’s unfortunate that people are associating UHC with universal coverage of curative services and are assuming that primary care interventions are excluded. There is nothing in the definition of UHC to suggest this. UHC simply refers to people getting the health services they need. As Adam says this includes preventive services including immunisations, family planning services, health education messages, breastfeeding promotion, drug rehabilitation etc etc. As the World Health Report 2010 shows, UHC is about all people getting all the health services they need without suffering financial hardship. It is a concept designed to incorporate all aspects of a health system and not to allow specific service sectors (eg expensive tertiary services) to dominate policy and resource allocations. In fact many are seeing UHC as an opportunity to highlight the inefficient and inequitable allocation of scarce health resources and reverse this trend. See for example the Indian High Level Expert Group’s plan for UHC which argues that 70% of additional public financing should be allocated to PHC interventions.