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Submitted by Neil on
Adam, thanks for the post, very useful! While there isn't yet Office for iPad, an imperfect option is to use the SkyDrive app, together with Microsoft Office Web Apps though the Chrome browser - though Web Apps has limited functions (can't do markup, for example). The other apps you mention work very well, especially for their native file formats - but with Web Apps you do at least avoid file conversion problems. I know you covered them in your earlier post, but might be worth reminding readers about some useful World Bank apps designed for tablet - such as WB Finances app, which includes details on projects and their financing; WB DataFinder, which is an easy way to get access to World Development Indicators and other topical sources; the WB InfoFinder app, which helps access documents and reports; and the apps for the 2012 and 2013 World Development Reports. Most work on iphone as well, and the first two also work on Android tablets and and phones -- and in multiple languages. There's a growing list of WB apps for mobile, all kept here: