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Submitted by Toomas Palu on
Hi Adam. Thanks for acknowledging me in your post. I wanted to vouch for two more apps that I find great. I like and use Daily Notes for the ability to link notes to meetings at specific dates. But for other types of note taking, I really have come to like Evernote (apparently now also a US$1B Silicon Valley company). One can use photos and videos, hand-drawn images/graphs/text, voice memos - and one can sync them across the desktop, iPad and iPhone. You did not discuss this time travel apps. I started with TripIt but have now come to like more the Kayak. Kayak keeps your itineraries, electronic ticket image, sends you notices about delays, gate changes, transfer times, luggage carousel numbers. It also allows you to track flights of others and find the best deals and routings for your travel. Cheers!