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Submitted by Simona K. on
You say that we are going to measure health and education and income inequality within countries and recommend for having UN targets for reduction of inequalities WITHIN countries. In other words, we will study and track for example farmers in Niger and whether the farmer with one hoe is growing less poor than the farmer with a hoe and a wheelbarrow, or whether the girl with no shoes is finishing 3 years of schooling , up from 2 (a 50% increase!) while her compatriot with shoes and a bicycle only goes from finishing 7 to 8 years? What about inequalities regardless of nationality? There is much more room for reducing inequality between the poor and middle class in poor countries and those in high-income countries. The one world and relevant reference group does not stop at country borders. instead of handwinging over inequality within countries, would it not be better to have Free migration target? This is fastest way to reduce inequality we concerned about. Or is it just pretending concern? United Nations really united?