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Submitted by Iheadi Onwukwe on

Dear Adam,

On the "science of delivery" versus "implementation science" as applied to development, health systems delivery, etc.

As the World Bank articulates and extends the principles and practices of the "science of delivery", it will be helpful to early adopters and front-line implementers, especially in the developing world, if the differences and similarities between "implementation science" as applied to development and health systems delivery and "science of delivery" is made explicit. Also, the early involvement and synchronisation with other agencies such as the World Health Organization would enhance the harmonisation of terminologies and concepts to prevent potential future duplication that may invariably arise when the "funders/development agencies" begin to roll-out the usual inevitable "capacity-building" and "monitoring and evaluation" programmes.
It would be helpful if the promotion of the "science of delivery" is prevented from having any future detrimental effect on the front-line delivery of services.