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Submitted by Eva Jarawan on
Thanks Adam for the thoughtful blog - as usual. I just read a story featured on the World Bank China website that illustrates well the points you make. It's entitled "China: Bringing quality health services to rural residents". This is a quote from the article: "In the past, we had to go to hospitals in the closest city when we were sick. They were far and very crowded. It was not easy. Now it is different. Doctors visit us at home and take care of our health. So we get ill less often and hospital visits are less frequent." Guangming Chen a 70-year-old resident in a small village The concept of "doctors on wheels" (bicycles in this case) is one of the innovations of the World Bank-supported Rural Health Project (Shuo Zang is the TTL). Check it out. Make sure to watch the video as well. Here's the link: