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Submitted by Cecile Fruman on
Adam, I have been following the very useful discussion that your blog triggered. There are some great ideas that the Change Team on Knowledge and Solutions will benefit from! I particularly like Tamar's 3 points which resonate very much with our current thinking: the need for a robust knowledge and learning system, a collaborative approach to defining and solving problems with clients and a wide range of stakeholders, and fast learning loops that allow for rapid adjustments during implementation. I also like Patricio's very practical suggestions to distilling "tacit knowledege" and engaging in structured learning activities throughout the project cycle. One of the fundamentals of science of delivery is this ability to capture learning throughout the process and react to it quickly. Let me share with you our working definition of Science of Delivery: "A team-based, cross-disciplinary, and evidence-based approach to wicked development problems that delivers results faster". I would love to hear how this resonates with readers of this blog. Could you also send me some information on the DEC sabbatical initiative? Best, Cecile